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Black Girl Shine is a children's book filled with positive affirmations and  realistic depictions of African American girls from all walks of life. Black Girl Shine provides positive affirmations based on 5 Key points, which are beauty, intelligence, confidence, self-love, and character.  The goal for this children's  book is to display a positive representation of Black girls, for little Black girls. This books depicts girls of all shapes, shades, and hair textures. Black Girl Shine wants girls be confident in their ability to succeed and embrace the gifts that they bring to the world. This children's book assures and affirms that a Black girl's natural characteristics are beautiful and enough. Black Girl Shine was written in hopes to show girls all over the world that "its much cooler to be yourself" and to embrace their unique beauty and love themselves. Teaching children to love themselves just the way they are is essential to building a positive self image.

Black Girl Shine

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