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Due to COVID-19 shipments will be slightly delayed. Thank you for your patience.

            -Shavondra Walker


Sprinkling Black Girl Magic on Words!

SUCH AN AMAZING READ!!!! Though it is meant for the youth, this is inspiring to me as a black woman. I take great pleasure in being able to say that I know this author & to see her create something so impacting for our youth is inspiring!

-Author Takara James

From the onset girls who read Black Girl Shine will feel the positive vibes in the words and illustrations. More than that, the author depicts uplifting images of all types of African American girls in the book. Also, Black Girl Shine has come along at just the right time because certain people in this country don’t want to see Black females express themselves in their own unique manner. In other words, those who will not be named have a problem with the changing demographics of the America. That is way Black Girl Shine is so important.

-The Kwanzaa Coloring Book



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